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1. How do I create an account?

Visit our website http://www.p-cy.com and choose 'Account Creation'

2. How do I Log in?

Visit our website http://www.p-cy.com and choose 'Log in'

3. Do I need to pay in order to play?

No, our game is free to play.

4. For how long my account is active?

Your account is active as long as you use it and it automatically deleted after 3 months of inactivity.

5. What Username and Password is?

These are your personal information that you used to access in game and must remain secret, those informations are registered when you create your account, in Username you type the name you wish and respectively in Password you type the password you wish.

6. What can I do if I cant log in?

First check your internet connection then check your username and password. Otherwise you address at support@p-cy.com and ask help for any problem.

7. How often can I play?

You are able to enjoy our game as long as you wish for without any restriction.

8. From what age can I play this game?

From the age of 18 without parental consent and below 13 with parental consent.

9. Where can I find informations about the game?

At http://ownwiki.p-cy.com/ you will find any information of the game.

10. Where can I find conditions and rules of the game?

At http://ownwiki.p-cy.com/ you will find conditions and rules of the game.

11. How do I install the game?

You dont have to install the game, you can play our game using any web browser.

12. What devices and which are the minimum system requirements I need in order to play?

Personal Computers(PC), Tablets, Mobile phones that have operation software with a web browser and internet connection.

13. How do I get technical support and with whom I can communicate?

You can communicate with administrators for technical support via messages in-game or emails out of the game at support@p-cy.com

14. Do I have to connect to the internet every time in order to play?

Yes! It is one of the necessary conditions.

15. I forgot my password.

At the login page choose Password Recovery, then type your e-mail you used to create your account and then an email with instructions to certify your identity and how to recover your password will sent to you automatically.

16. Can I play using MAC?

Yes! You can play our game using any operating systems of any company.

17. Can I buy accessories, gifts, decoratives and souvenirs of the game?

You can make your purchase from our website by choosing the shop method you wish and pay with high secure via Paypal or other banking systems.

18. Where I can find souvenirs, gifts and accessories of the game?

On game's website there is a choice for the online store with all our products.

19. When will I receive the order I entered?

Depending on the way you entered your order (courier or mail office) and your location.

20. Can I receive and aboard?

Yes! You can from almost all the sites of the planet.

21. Will I punished if I dont observe the rules?

Yes! If the misconduct is serious else you will receive a warning!

22. Who will punish me and with which way?

The system is automated. Since it finds a misconduct or we accept complains from other players you will be pushined depending on the seriousness of the misconduct.

23. Whom can I complain to if I believe that my punishment is unfair?

By sending an e-mail to our administrators, they will examine your issue and will answer as soon as possible.

Published on 20-06-2014

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