Battle Fleet Managment

Comets and Asteroids

Comets and Asteroids are masses of various materials and recommendations, created by explosions of planets and crashes. Many are wandering within the galaxies in different orbits and sometimes they may become threating in case they may crash with planets that host life. In these space rocks, many times precious goods and materials may found. Excavators are able to excavate easy and fast those goods and most times quantities are extremely huge. Players owning a Space Port are able to track em and send excavators in order to gather those goods and materials.



Debris most times created from fights and constitutes the remains of destroyed spaceships, it is the fastest solution for gathering materials since it takes only some seconds for excavators to pick em up. The bigger the fight the more materials will found.


Cosmic Essence

The Cosmic Essence already existed in galaxies and space, it is meant to be one of the forth essences that created everything that exists. Any essence that combine with another essence, a chain reaction was created and then the remain essences combined creating uncontrolled creation. So the complexity and diversity of the universe is based on this fact. The Cosmic Essence is rare, it is managed in a Tech Center and is a special advantage for anyone who owns it. It forces materials production, energy, research and buildings construction. The Cosmic Essence is extremely rare but can found anywhere with different ways (such as exploration, mining, incursion and even invasion). This way every unit of Cosmic Essence there are 10 points of aid to anyone who owns it.

Published on 15-07-2014

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